Alfred Kubin: Bekenntnisse einer gequälten Seele / Leopold Museum, Wien

(c) Alfred Kubin, Ins Unbekannte, 1900/01. Courtesy: Leopold Museum, Wien. Foto: Leopold Museum, Wien/ Manfred Thumberger, Eberhard Spangenberg, München / Bildrecht, Wien 2021.

16.04. – 24.07.2022.

The art of drawing and illustrating!

Alfred Kubin and his artistic work seem more topical than ever: violence, warlike destruction, epidemics, natural disasters, manipulation of the masses and other abysses of human existence characterized the strongly narrative-oriented works of the artist. The work of this fantastic creator confronts us with pessimistic visions that – loosely based on Schopenhauer – outline the worst of all conceivable worlds.

The exhibition at the Leopold Museum makes the first attempt to grasp the art of Kubin’s dream worlds, which all too often penetrates into nightmarish, gloomy spheres, also in its relation to the unconscious, to the deep dimensions of the psychic.

Alfred Kubin: Bekenntnisse einer gequälten Seele
16.04. – 24.07.2022
Leopold Museum
Museumquartier Wien
Museumplatz 1
1070 Wien