Black Humour Festival / Posthof, Linz

(c) BassiLeo, Mussolini. Foto Javier Encinas.

07. – 20.05.2022.

Is it okay to make fun of environmental destruction, the future of our planet and the survival of our own species?

Should Count Dracula, his victims and the fear of the “great unknown” be re-examined today? Can one generate optimism and intelligently resist intolerance by tarring and feathering oneself? And is it perhaps sometimes only necessary to listen to the small world in order to understand the big one?

Answers to questions like these are the speciality of the masters of their genres at the Black Humour Festival in Linz’s Posthof. Don’t worry: even in 2022 no one has to seriously fear for their blood, but the nerves may tingle a little and the shivers run down the spine at the latest edition of the pitch-black cabaret thunderstorm.

Black Humour Festival
07. – 20.05.2022
posthof – Zeitkultur am Hafen
Posthofstrasse 43
4020 Linz