New Entries – Collection Policy / Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Permutations, 2014, Collection Museum der Moderne Salzburg, © Museum der Moderne

02.07. – 06.11. 2022

What should public museums collect?

Public museums have a collection mandate. So far so clear. But how should the respective houses fulfill their collection mandate? There is rarely a broad public discourse on questions of collection policy.

 The Museum der Moderne Salzburg intends to pursue this discourse with the exhibition Collection Policy. New additions to the Museum der Moderne Salzburg.

In addition to its own extensive collection of paintings, graphics, sculptures, objects, photographs and media art works, the Museum der Moderne also looks after the Federal Photo Collection, the Generali Foundation Collection and the Salzburg Province Art Collection. The museum’s task is to preserve the collections entrusted to it according to conservation standards, to expand their holdings, to make them scientifically accessible and to present them to the public.

The expansion of the holdings is always guided by strategic considerations, which relate, for example, to closing gaps in the collection in a meaningful way, expanding existing bundles or establishing new focal points in the collection. A museum’s collection policy is rarely discussed in public. The trend-setting decisions are made behind the scenes, so to speak, by the museum management and in coordination with the collection curators. They are legitimized by the technical expertise of the decision-makers. Official reports on the number of new purchases, donations and permanent loans often remain abstract. The Museum der Moderne Salzburg is therefore presenting a selection of the new acquisitions of the last five years in a large collection exhibition. The exhibition provides insights into the museum’s collection policy and shows in a transparent manner the criteria according to which works have found their way into the collections.

Neuzugänge – Sammlungspolitik
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
02.07. – 06.11. 2022