Dotdotdot Openair Shortfilmfestival 2022 / Volkskundemuseum Wien

All cats are grey at night. © Olga Pohankova / dotdotdot

31.07. – 31.08. 2022

Short films to the point: dot dot dot – three dots in a row stand for S for short in Morse code.

Lisa Mai, the director of the dotdotdot short film festival, is happy to let the festival visitors come up with their own thoughts and ideas. The program evenings of the dotdotdot Openair Film Festival at the Vienna Volkskundemuseum, where several short films are shown every evening, live from the synopsis and from a special attraction of the short film, which distinguishes it from long formats: the short film reduces a story to its substantial core and leaves the viewer plenty of room to fill out the environment of the films with your own ideas.

The possibility of showing several short films in a joint program evening opens up additional imaginative and associative spaces.

The dotdotdot film festival sees itself in many respects as an inclusive meeting place and place for dialogue, where stories and people of different generations, social classes, with or without disabilities come into contact with one another and can also dream a little together.

dotdotdot Kurzfilmfestival 22
Wien, Volkskundemuseum
31.07. – 31.08. 2022