Hilda Haji – Stopp Mobbing! / Linz

Hilda Haji processes her trauma while fleeing Syria. © Hilda Haji / Verein Strandgut

Until 18.08.2022

From fleeing Syria to today in Linz, 18-year-old Hilda Haji has had to cope with a large number of serious crises and challenges that Austrians of the same age cannot imagine. Having fled the threats of war, many of her compatriots are also confronted with exclusion and mobbying in the country where they have found refuge.

Hilda Haji also processes these experiences in the form of artistic works, which the Verein Strandgut exhibits in their Grätzkulturzentrum on Ottensheimer Strasse in Linz. With its cultural program, the association also makes an important contribution to socially integrative district work by giving those who are on the fringes of our society space for their artistic expression and discourse on site.

Verein Strandgut, Linz, Ottensheimer Straße 25
Bis 18.08.2022