ALPINALE Short Film Festival 22 / Bludenz-Vorarlberg

Who wins the unicorns? – The winners of the Alpinale prizes are being sought under the stars. © ALPINALE CCBY-SA 4.0

09.08. – 13.08. 2022

At the end, the unicorns appear. When the Golden Unicorns are again awarded to the best short films of the festival at the ALPINALE this year, a new door will open in the artistic careers of some excellent young filmmakers.

Manuela Mylonas, the festival director, together with her team of curators, viewed hundreds of short films and put together the program for this year’s ALPINALE in Bludenz. Films by up-coming young filmmakers from all over Europe will be shown in the genres short feature film, animated short film, children’s short film v-shorts, VR shorts and horror.

ALPINALE Short Film Festival 22