Bezau Beatz / Bezau Vorarlberg

From the metropolis to the provinces: the London jazz ensemble Vula Viel comes to the depot of the Bregenz forest railway © Vula Viel

04.08. – 07.08. 2022

Crazy: The DJ ride-out with the Bregenzer Bäumerbähnle from Bezau to Bersbuch is just one of the fixed points of the Bezau Beatz that make the festival incomparable.

Ruth Goller, bassist, singer, composer and environmentalist is considered one of the most interesting representatives of the English impro music scene. The Guardian sees the bassist with her “thundering bass hooks” as one of the most influential musicians of recent years, who laid the foundation for a jazz renaissance. With her SKYLLA program, Ruth Goller will be a guest at the Bezau Beatz, as will the Brazilian drummer and singer Maria Portugal, who will be performing together with the Erosão Septet in the Bezau Remise. The music of the ensemble draws on a broad musical spectrum. From Brazilian rhythms to singer-songwriter ballads and electronic live manipulations.

The band Keine Übung with Jan Frisch, vocals and guitar, Julian Pajzs, guitar, Hannes Hüfken, bass and Oliver Steidle, drums go all out with their program. Sometimes they don’t make it easy for their listeners. The music bumps, stumbles, tangles in on itself and often succinctly collapses in the end. Intelligently forged and interwoven with lyrics that thrive on pauses and unusual musical structures.

The Bezau Beatz do not offer musical home cooking, but programs for discerning fine artists.

Bezau Beatz
Bezau, various locations
04.08. – 07.08. 2022