Posthof FrischLuft Open Air / Posthof Linz

26.05. – 02.09. 2022

Clear the stage for the fresh air open air at the Posthofgelände. From Nino aus Wien to Buntspecht and Lola Marsh. The programme offers something for almost everyone.

The FrischLuft-stage at the Posthof area in Linz was a huge hit last year. And again this year, the Posthof team has put together a fresh and diverse programme.

The indie-pop band Lola Marsh, Israel’s best-known music export with their bittersweet baroque pop (28.07), is also represented, as is the German indie-rock band Madsen (31.07.), which have made a name for themselves with an unprecedented mix of distorted guitars, anthemic melodies and catchy lyrics.

The Austrian indie-pop sextet Buntspecht (25.08.) say about themselves that they play like drunk tightrope walkers from Vienna who write children’s songs for everyone out there.

The singer Mathea (01.09.), Austria’s most popular artist at the moment, has recorded more than 40 million streaming downloads with her love- and break-up songs, will also be guest in Linz.

At the end of this year’s Posthof FrischLuft Open Air, the demigods of the Italo tearjerkers, Roy Bianco and the Abbrunzati Boys (02.09.) will delight the audience.

With so much amore, gelato and lido, the orange-sun will be definitely be rising above Linz.

Posthof FrischLuft Open Air
26.05. – 02.09. 2022
Posthof-Areal, Linz