EisenerZ*ART: Herbert Eichholzer – BLAUPAUSE Eisenerz / Steiermark

18.08. – 16.10. 2022

Herbert Eichholzer made a significant contribution to shaping the European avant-garde with his architectural and design work.

He worked in Paris as an assistant to architects such as Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. Eichholzer, who was murdered by the Nazis at the age of 40, had little more than a decade to pursue his artistic and creative work. In this short time he realized an astonishing number of projects, which fortunately are scientifically very well documented.

The exhibition curator Alexandra Riewe created the exhibition “Blueprint” for Eisenerz*Art from these archive holdings and other materials.

Eichholzer was not only an artist, but also a courageous resistance fighter against National Socialism who was not intimidated in his political and artistic positions by the threat of the Nazis.

In order to be able to promote his humanistic ideals within the Wehrmacht, he even volunteered and distributed resistance leaflets against the Nazi regime. Eichholzer was therefore arrested by the Nazis and sentenced to death for “high treason”.

EisenerZ*ART: Herbert Eichholzer – BLAUPAUSE
18.08. – 16.10. 2022
FreiRaum Eisenerz