Meta Space – Raumvisionen / Linz

01.09. 2022 – 08.01. 2023

Escapism is rather popular these days. Whether with utopias for the possible conquest of the universe or the virtualization of everydays life.

Escaping reality has always been one of the most important sources of inspiration for artists for centuries. Time and again, social developments were anticipated and had a lasting impact. And so current trends like the various metaverse fantasies are not nearly as revolutionary as they look. Concepts and ideas for the Metaverse have always emerged as utopian-dystopian answers to human escapism, which is reflected in a mixture of enthusiasm for science, technological progress and artistic creativity.

The exhibition “ – Raumvisionen”, conceived by the curatorial team Fabian Müller-Nittel and Markus Reindl, deals with this source of artistic inspiration.

The framework of content ranges from the thematization of early painterly solutions to pictorial spatial problems from the 15th century and the spatial character of sculptural works through the sensory, scientific and technical development of spaces to the grasping and penetration of social spaces.

It finally culminates in the examination of a wide variety of world designs – and not only asks about their artistic and social implications, but also critically questions the dystopian and utopian potential of current metaspace concepts.

Meta Space – Space Visions / Linz
01.09. 2022 – 08.01. 2023
Francisco Carolinum Linz