Metabolism of the city / Linz

23.09. 2022 – 27.01. 2023

That gives you a deep insight: The exhibition “City Metabolism” deals with the increasingly confusing underground of our cities: district heating, sewage, electricity, telephone, water, gas, fiber optics: the tangle of cables under the asphalt is getting denser.

In everyday life we only notice a little of it. Except if there is a pipe burst or at the above-ground docking points such as power or distribution boxes. In any case, the functioning of this infrastructure has become a normal condition for us.

With this exhibition, the “afo Architekturforum Oberösterreich” opens up insights into an underworld of the cities that we trample on day after day.

Metabolismus der Stadt / Linz
23.09. 2022 – 27.01. 2023
Linz, afo – architekturforum Oberösterreich