Karl Hauk / Lentos-Kunstmuseum, Linz

14.10. 2022 – 08.01. 2023

Karl Hauk (1898 – 1974) belongs to the generation that experienced both world wars and many upheavals. His surviving work is extensive and stylistically diverse. Karl Hauk’s work contains new, factual pictorial concepts as well as expressive currents.

The themes are mainly kept in a figurative, scenic style and deal with socially critical worker life, or are religious depictions that depict the most diverse facets of lovers.

As the first director and later head of the master class for painting at the art school of the city of Linz, he was instrumental in the academic education of the first post-war generation.

Karl Hauk also carried out many commissions in public spaces in Linz (including a clock for the Linz tobacco factory in 1932, a mural for the meeting room the Chamber of Physicians 1957).

Unfortunately, much of this art was destroyed during the Second World War, including the murals in the workers’ chamber (1924) and the frescoes in the station hall (1927). The exhibition in the Lentos documents the extensive work of Karl Hauk.

Karl Hauk
14.10. 2022 – 08.01. 2023
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz