Birke Gorm / MAK Wien

12.10. 2022 – 08.01. 2023

In her artistic work, Birke Gorm relies on the autonomy of the material. The artist examines randomly found items such as jute, terracotta, wood or metal for their historical and social connotations.

Her sculptures convey a raw, attractive immediacy whose multi-layered levels of meaning are decoded on closer inspection.

She combines the archaic with the aesthetics of the digital around current topics such as work, self-optimization and social processes.

In the exhibition curated by Marlies Wirth for the MAK, Birke Gorm’s working methods are contextualized and made visible.

Birke Gorm
12.10. 2022 – 08.01. 2023
Wien, MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst