Emilia Rigová / mumok Wien

Emilia Rigová: Who will play for me? © Emilia Rigová

08.10. 2022 – 05.02.23

In her works, the Slovak artist Emilia Rigová critically examines social stereotypes. She examines the intersubjective patterns and mechanisms that lead to these stereotypes.

In doing so, she often addresses Roma culture’s own stereotypes and those attributed to others.

The exhibition curated by Rainer Fuchs for the mumok Vienna is about making visible and deconstructing these clichéd images of mainstream society.

In the exhibition “Who will play for me” the current experiences of the Roma are examined for the discernible tensions between self-image and foreign regulations.

Emilia Rigová
08.10. 2022 – 05.02. 2023
Wien, mumok – Museum moderner Kunst