Tanz ist – surprises ’22 / Spielboden Dornbirn

01.11. – 06.11. 2022

The dancer and choreographer Günter Marinelli has been the driving force and artistic head of the “tanz ist” festival series in the Spielboden Dornbirn since its foundation.

Mainstream-free dance and performance art is shown, which is realized in close cooperation with the artists.

At this year’s “tanz ist surprises” series in autumn, the Belgian dancer, actress and performer Ann Van den Broeck will be a guest with her program “Zoomin in on Loss”. A violent, shocking and emotional performance. “As if we just felt what it’s like to lose your memory step by step”, writes the Dutch newspaper The Daily Indie.

Tanz ist surprises
01.11. – 06.11. 2022
Dornbirn, Färbergasse 15 / Rhomberg’s Fabrik E