Atelier Bauhaus: Friedl Dicker and Franz Singer / Wien

24.11. 2022 – 26.03. 2023

The “Singer-Dicker” studio was considered an important representative of the Bauhaus movement in Vienna in the interwar period. Friedl Dicker and Franz Singer met each other while studying at the Bauhaus in Weimar.

After they had initially founded the “Werkstätten Bildender Kunst” together in Berlin, Friedl Dicker returned to Vienna. Fritz Singer followed her later and they founded the “Singer-Dicker” studio together.

Based on the principles of space economy and diversity of use, the two Bauhaus designers developed an unmistakable furnishing style that held a special position in Viennese living culture at the time. The work of the workshop, which received many of its commissions from Jewish clients, was largely lost during the Nazi era.

While Franz Singer emigrated to London before the Nazis seized power, Friedl Dicker was later murdered in Auschwitz. The work of the two designers fell into oblivion for a long time and has only been gradually rediscovered since the 1980s.

The exhibition on these Bauhaus artists, curated by Katharina Hövelmann, Andreas Nierhaus and Georg Schromm for the Wien Museum, reconstructs their oeuvre and the design principles that are expressed in it.

Atelier Bauhaus, Wien: Friedl Dicker und Franz Singer
24.11. 2022 – 26.03. 2023
Wien Museum MUSA
1010 Wien, Felderstraße 6–8