STELLA Theaterfestival ’22 / Wien

01.10. – 07.10. 2022

„Are you real?“ With this question, a young viewer surprised one of the actresses who took part in the play after a children’s theater performance.

At a time when children only get to know the world through the displays of their smartphones, exploring „real fantasy worlds“ is becoming a new challenge.

The STELLA*22 theater festival for a young audience can help here. Every year, the best children’s and youth theater productions from Austria are awarded the “STELLA Performing Arts Prize for Young Audiences” and presented at a festival.

This year it will take place in Vienna at three venues, in the Burgtheater, Jungle Vienna and in the WUK.

A program that opens eyes, ears and hearts and makes things clear once and for all: Real imagination only exists in the real world.

STELLA*22 Theaterfestival
01.10. – 07.10. 2022
Wien / Burgtheater, Dschungel Wien, WUK