Anna Boghiguian / KuB – Kunsthaus Bregenz

© Anna Boghiguian: Installationsansicht; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 2015 / Foto: Peter Cox

22.10. 2022 – 22.01. 2023

The Egyptian-Canadian artist Anna Boghiguian describes herself as a nomadic artist with an affinity for literature. Born in Egypt, her family emigrated to Canada.

Boghiguian moves between continents and cultures throughout her life. During her travels she fills countless notebooks with sketched observations. It is an obsessive collection of impressions, but above all an accumulation of stories, with mythological and historical narrative strands being mixed up.

Hearing and hearsay are important. Boghiguian suffers from a hearing impairment, for this reason, according to the artist, the ear became an important metaphor in her visual work. The sounds of the city, social understanding, exchange and transmission are condensed into images that are linked like thought processes.

Her installations are memorable and unmistakable. Anna Boghiguian paints figures on cardboard. Scenes and groups of spatial images form, hanging from the ceiling as floating mobiles or standing on the floor as miniaturized stage arrangements or condensed scenographies.

Anna Boghiguian
22.10. 2022 – 22.01. 2023
KuB – Kunsthaus Bregenz