SLASH Filmfestival – Fantastic-Film Festival / Wien

22.09. 2022 – 02.10. 2022

Those who suffer from triskaidekaphobia and are therefore afraid of the number 13 should better avoid the SLASH film festival this year. Because that’s exactly how old “Vienna’s most fantastic film festival” will be this year.

Festival director Markus Keuschnig, however, interprets the devil’s number as a good omen and has once again put together a horribly seductive program with his team.

Around the World in 80 Films is the motto of this year’s programme, which ranges from the Taiwanese found footage shocker INCANTATION by Kevin Ko to Pablo Parès in PUSSYCAKE to Michelle Garza Cervera’s film HUESERA, which is dedicated to the tried-and-true horror film theme of pregnancy. The film SALOUM by Congolese director Jean Luc Herbulot is a successful mix of fantasy, western and crime thriller.

This year’s festival trailer comes from the Fleischwolf Kollektiv editing room and creates massive unrest with apocalyptic images.

As if we don’t already have enough of that in the real world.

SLASH Filmfestival
22.09. 2022 – 02.10. 2022
Wien: Filmcasino | Metro Kinokulturhaus | Gartenbaukino