HAND.KAMERA – Heidi Harsieber / Francisco Carolinum Linz

Heidi Harsieber

14.12.2022 –19.03.2023

The exhibition HAND.KAMERA at the Franzisco Carolinum Linz, pays tribute to Heidi Harsieber (*1948), one of the most important Austrian photographers of recent decades. The focus of this retrospective is the (self-)portrait.

Heidi Harsieber – at the beginning of her career the youngest professional photographer in Austria – began to establish an independent artistic oeuvre in the late 1960s and early 1970s in addition to commercial photography for the tableware industry and industry. Harsieber’s technical adeptness is characteristic of her work, she works analogously, often with a medium format camera and magnifies and develops her black-and-white photographs herself.

At the center of Heidi Harsieber’s interest is the human being and the human body. Her portraits revolve around human nature: beauty, tenderness, desire, eroticism and love as well as pain, old age, loneliness and death can be found in them. Especially with her unsparing self-portraits, the artist breaks taboos. In performative self-portraits, she stages her own body and anchors her photographs in the context of the international feminist avant-garde of the 1960s – 1970s.

HAND.KAMERA – Heidi Harsieber
14.12.2022 –19.03.2023
Francisco Carolinum Linz
Museumsstraße 14, 4020 Linz