Number Two – Anna Jermolaewa / Schlossmuseum Linz

Anna Jermaloewa - ©Michael Maritsch

23.11.2022 – 5.3.2023

The exhibition shows the largest exhibition of Anna Yermolaeva’s work to date. The curator Gabriele Spindler presents the artist, who has been Professor of Experimental Design at Linz Art University since 2019, for the first time in Linz.

In her work, Anna Jermolaewa observes human coexistence, its social conditions and political prerequisites. Often there are seemingly insignificant, everyday manifestations of human nature that she questions in a critical, but at the same time in a humorous way. In addition to videos, photographs and drawings, she also creates expansive stagings and installations.

Also on view is the video installation “Singing Revolution”, which was created especially for the exhibition. Anna Jermolaeva travelled to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the summer of 2022 – the war in Ukraine was already raging. From London she brought new photos from her series “Hostile Architecture”. Examples of how user-unfriendly street furniture is directed against the homeless and socially disadvantaged.

Number Two – Anna Jermolaewa
23.11.2022 – 5.3.2023
Schlossmuseum Linz