DUDES finally shut up / Theater im Bahnhof, Graz

Scene from DUDES, Photo: © Marija Kanizaj
Scene from DUDES, Photo: © Marija Kanizaj

26.11.2022 – 17.12.2022

Finally! The DUDES are on stage.

Whether Ed. Hauswirth and Rupert Lehofer will actually shut up remains to be seen. In any case, they will talk less. Because, of course, they also share the finding that old white men still sit in the majority at the levers of power, that they make the decisions, have resources and networks.

But what if you are recognizably a DUDE yourself? And if you also question this dominance of the DUDES? What can you do about your own position? How do you rebel against this? Can you fight against yourself or should you just kick the bucket soon?

The DUDES Hauswirth and Lehofer ask the next generation. Specifically, they meet the 12-year-old students Emilia Thelen and Florentina Piffl. The young take a close look at the two old ones. They try to get them moving, they challenge them and sometimes they are lenient. “Men can’t change if there are no designs for such a change,” says Bell Hooks.

Together with director Sahar Rahimi, DUDES looks the next generations in the eye. Hopefully they will be gracious.

DUDES finally shut up
Premiere: 26.11.2022, 20:00
Further performances:
02.12., 03.12., 09.12., 10.12., 16.12., 17.12.2022, always at 20:00 Uhr
Theater im Bahnhof
Elisabethinergasse 27a, Graz