Traces and Remains – Claus Prokop / Stadtgalerie Lehen, Salzburg

"Traces an Remains" von Claus Prokop, Foto: © Christian Eckert / Stadtgalerie Lehen

02.12.2022 – 28.01.2023

The exhibition by Claus Prokop is dedicated to the idea of order and sets off in search of the structures and principles underlying this order.

The result of this search is the painting, which has the serial repetition of similar, but in detail different objects as a formal motif. The state in which something new is created from the individual elements is essential for the patterns that are formed from this.

The idea of repetition and order can be found both in the motif of an image and in the relationship between the images in the series. The individual picture does not represent a self-contained system, but is always intended as a section of a larger structure.

As a result, some elements leave the picture carrier and leave their traces on the walls, the glass facade and the forecourt of the gallery. In the same way, motifs used in painting reappear, differently formulated in sculptural objects.

Traces and Remains – Claus Prokop
02.12.2022 – 28.01.2023
Stadtgalerie Lehen
Inge-Morath-Platz 31
5020 Salzburg