Dancing Days 2023 / Posthof, Linz

tanztage 2023, Raphael Miro Holzer, Foto: © Dorothee Elfring
tanztage 2023, Raphael Miro Holzer, Foto: © Dorothee Elfring

13.3. – 30.4.2023

Curtain up for the Linz Dance Festival 2023!

With the performance “360°”, the Israeli Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2 proves that dance is not aloof stage art, but can be experienced by everyone directly and up close.

They swing their hips suggestively and fly through the air in high leaps. But their hair is snow white, their faces ancient. It is fascinating contradictions that Sofia Nappi & Compania Komoco from Italy confront their audience with in their latest play.

She doesn’t dance. She is the dance. In the 80s and 90s, Louise Lecavalier rocked the dance stages of the world like no other. And Louise Lecavalier is still exceptional today. In her solo performance “Stations” she explores the principles underlying dance in four parts.

There is creative power in chaos: the Australian movement artists from Gravity & Other Myths relegate the laws of gravity to the realm of fantasy. Their latest creation “Out Of Chaos” is the boldest and most technically demanding work by the modern circus troupe to date.

With the premiere of “remember to fall in love”, the young Viennese choreographer Raphael Miro Holzer presents his latest creation, which addresses the elements of love and war and in this way deals with our reality.

What interfaces emerge between the seemingly gender-obsessed tango and the supposedly gender-neutral contemporary dance? In Rosalie Wanka’s most recent production “Asymmetrical Encounters”, the tango becomes the driving force behind a contrasting, codified typification of body image and gender.

Dancing Days 2023
13.3. – 30.4.2023
Posthofstraße 43
4020 Linz