HUMAN VISION film festival 2023 / Spielboden Dornbirn, Vorarlberg


4.3. – 11.3.2023

“Colours of Courage” is the motto of this year’s HUMAN VISION film festival. The festival is dedicated to people who confidently go beyond their limits, risk a lot for sustainable change, fight for their freedom and for a better future. They prove to us again and again that a better and just society is possible.

Over the course of seven days, insights into the variety of topics will be offered, mainly through the medium of film, but also through other narrative formats such as lectures, discussions, exhibitions and workshops, and impulses will be given as to what each and every one of us can do to protect human rights.

An opportunity to reflect and be inspired by the world we live in together.

HUMAN VISION film festival 2023
4.3. – 11.3.2023
Spielboden Dornbirn
Färbergasse 15
6850 Dornbirn