International Puppet Theater Gleisdorf / forumKLOSTER, Gleisdorf, Styria

Wir pfeifen auf den Gurkenkönig! Foto: © Reinhard Winkler / Internationales Figurentheater Gleisdorf
Wir pfeifen auf den Gurkenkönig!, Internationales Figurentheater Gleisdorf

23.3. – 26.3.2023

Puppets, figures, masks, objects and people – puppet theater at a high artistic level can be admired at forumKLOSTER in Gleisdorf. In the festival, the arc is stretched from the marionette to the shadow figure, from the hand puppet to the puppet and far beyond.

From Rapunzel to the Cucumber King, from Pulicinella to Hugo, who stumbles through life on foot, from the Little King, who had everything to the Brave Rabbit and much more. The festival ignites proven puppet show fireworks and for 4 days Gleisdorf becomes the home of those puppets that are able to touch people so deeply!

5. Internationales Figurentheater Gleisdorf
23.3. – 26.3.2023
forumKLOSTER Gleisdorf
Rathausplatz 5
8200 Gleisdorf