Un paradiso amaro *Viaggio a Roma / Rome Cultural Forum

Foto: © Valerie Habsburg, 2023 / austriakulturdigital
Foto: Valerie Habsburg, 2023

27.2. – 24.3.2023

With Un Paradiso Amaro *Viaggo a Roma, the Austrian Cultural Forum Rome is exhibiting artistic research on Teresa Feodorowna Ries (1866-1956) in Italy for the first time. Ries was an internationally renowned member of the Viennese cultural scene. In 1911, the Jewish sculptor took part in the International Art Exhibition in Rome, which has shaped the image of the Valle Giulia to this day and on the site of which the building of the Austrian Cultural Forum now stands.

Curated by Judith Augustionvič and Valerie Habsburg, works by female artists are shown in Un paradiso amaro who interpret and implement the research results of Teresa F. Ries in a contemporary artistic way. In addition, documents from the sculptor’s private archive and her bronze sculpture Saint without a Name will be on display for the first time.

Artists: Teresa Feodorovna Ries, Judith Augustinovič, Mika Aya Azagi, Anna Bochkova, Valerie Habsburg, Anka Leśniak, Anita Steinwidder

Un paradiso amaro *Viaggio a Roma
27.2. – 24.3.2023
Rome Cultural Forum
Viale Bruno Buozzi 113, Rom