OPAL konkret – sculptures, reliefs, series, paintings / OK Linz

29.3. – 21.5.2023

OPAL is formed by the Leipzig artists Johannes Keller, Hans-Christian Neumann and Daniel Reimer. For 12 years, the three-generation trio has been creating constructive-concrete art in collective authorship.

Starting with the square as the basic form, they develop works according to a methodical set of rules. The geometric forms and structures of her sculptures, series, reliefs and paintings are based on a logical principle that can be deciphered like a code in her serial works.

The multi-layered panels, which are connected to each other in the sense of a process-like sequence, can be read forwards and backwards. This creates an aesthetically appealing rhythm and harmony. The viewer can logically deduce the regularities of the sequences.

OPAL konkret – sculptures, reliefs, series, paintings
29.3. – 21.5.2023
OK Linz
OK Platz 1, 4020 Linz