Monira al Qadiri / Kunsthaus Bregenz, Vorarlberg

Dem Öl den Weg gebahnt © Monira al Qadiri
Dem Öl den Weg gebahnt © Monira al Qadiri / KUB Bregenz

22.4. – 2.7.2023

One of the most important artists in the Gulf region, Monira al Qadiri is known for her videos and sculptures that deal with the Petro culture and modern life’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Objects coated with car paint are reminiscent of phallic rockets, futuristic explosive devices or science fiction. Some are mounted on pedestals and rotate, others take on monumental formats and are found in public space. In fact, they are drill heads.

Al Qadiri does not change their forms, only creates dimension and colour: “Oil is a destructive force, but in a way it’s also a miracle. It’s like a very strange extraterrestrial being that landed from space and will eventually disappear.”

Monira al Qadiri
22.4. – 2.7.2023
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Karl-Tizian-Platz, Bregenz