LINZ FMR 2023 / Southern Harbor District, Linz

TinTin Patrone ⓒ Tim Huys
TinTin Patrone

6.6. – 11.6.2023

LINZ FMR is the biennial Festival for Art in Digital Contexts and Public Spaces. The title was chosen with reference to the word “ephemeral” and refers to the fleeting character of a digital and networked present.

20 artists from the fields of media art, digital art and internet art will transform the southern harbor district in Linz into an open and freely accessible art space.

FMR 23 also brings two evenings of electronic music to the city. In line with the festival idea, a fine line-up is offered with artists whose sounds and visuals play with ephemeral elements and are close to art in digital contexts: Stefano D’Alessio (IT), Crystn Hunt Akron feat. Tofa (Modulux) (WT), Floating Spectrum feat. Abe Pazos (TW / DE / IT), SØS Gunver Ryberg (DK), Francesco Luzzana & Sofia Casprini (IT), Antenes (US), Sturmherta (AT), Mermaid & Seafruit (PL / AT) and Antonia XM (AT).

6.6. – 11.6.2023
Southern Harbor District, Linz