Markus Huemer. I greet my father, my mother and especially my parents. / Schlossmuseum, Linz

Markus Huemer, Kleiner Virus
Markus Huemer, Kleiner Virus "ILOVEYOU", 2019 © Markus Huemer


Markus Huemer shows various pictorial realities that move between painting and digital art. From the abundance of artistic themes, the exhibition focuses on Huemer’s observations of nature, which direct the gaze both to art history and to natural sciences.

A recurring theme is the observation of voids and areas of perception that move in between worlds or refer to something that does not exist or is visible. This also includes the irritating titles with curious statements, scientific facts or terms from the computer world that only seem to be related to the actual artistic work and confront us with artistic, cultural, scientific and social themes.Markus Huemer
Schlossberg 1, 4020 Linz