Film Festival frame[o]ut 2023 / Open-air cinema in the Museumsquartier, Vienna

"Where the Road Leads" by Nina Ognjanović © Pointless Film Production

14.7. – 2.9.2023

Current cinema under the open sky. Selected Austrian and international films are presented: rebelliously loud, withdrawnly quiet, surprising, provocative, humorous and wild.

On 16 play evenings, the festival is dedicated to the motto “Resilience”. The mobilisation of forces of resistance and positive prospects for the future are two of the most important capabilities of resilience. The term becomes critical when it is discussed as an interaction between two people and their environment. Finding resilience strategies in a time of upheaval and implementing the resulting best future scenarios is urgent.

Free admission!

Programme in July from 9:30 pm, in August from 8:30 pm:

14 July: “ÁMA GLORIA (FR 2023)”, Austrian premiere, directed by: Marie Amachoukeli
15 July: “HOW TO BLOW UP A PIPELINE (USA 2023)”, Austrian premiere, directed by Daniel Goldhaber

21 July: “DIE VERMIETERIN (AT 2023)”, Director: Sebastian Brauneis
22 July: “TENGO SUEÑOS ELÉCTRICOS / I Have Electric Dreams (CR/FR 2022)”, Director: Valentina Maurel

28 July: “A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN”, short film programme
29 July: “NOBODY MEETS YOUR EYES” (FI 2022), Austrian premiere, director: Jesse Jalonen

04 August: “MOUNE Ô ( BE/FR, 2022)”, Director: Maxime Jean-Baptiste and “TROPIC FEVER (IDN/NL 2022)”, Austrian premiere, directed by: Mahardika Yudha, Robin Hartanto Honggare, Perdana Roswald
05 August: “TRÊS TIGRES TRISTES / Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter” (BR 2022), Director: Gustavo Vinagre

11 August: “UNRELATED (UK, 2007)”, directed by Joanna Hogg
12 August: “GEOGRAPHIES OF SOLITUDE (CA 2022)”, directed by Jacquelyn Mills

18 August: “LE JOUR OÙ J’AI DÉCOUVERT QUE JANE FONDA ÉTAIT BRUNE / The Day I Discovered that Jane Fonda Was a Brunette (FR 2022)”, directed by Anna Salzberg
19 August: “BETWEEN REVOLUTIONS (RO/IQ 2023)”, Austrian premiere, directed by Vlad Petri

25 August: “WHERE THE ROAD LEADS”/Ovuda će proći put (RS 2023)”, Austrian premiere, directed by: Nina Ognjanović
26 August: “JELLYFISH/EL ROSTRO DE LA MEDUSA (The Face of a Jellyfish) (R 2022), director: Melisa Liebenthal

01 September: “CETTE MAISON / This House (CA 2022)”, Director: Miryam Charles
02 September: “TOTAL REFUSAL”, short film programme

Film Festival frame[o]ut – Open-air cinema at the MQ
14.7. – 2.9.2023
MQ courtyard 8, bad weather location: Arena21