Sanatorium Süßmilch – Sophia Süßmilch / Francisco Carolinum Linz

I am not your mother © Sophia Süßmilch

10.10.2023 – 09.11.2023

How one manages to function in this world in the face of war, inflation, climate catastrophe, patriarchy, etc., how one perseveres and does not go crazy are the central questions that the artist poses. For her exhibition, Sophia Süßmilch transforms the Francisco Carolinum into a sanatorium at short notice.
In the run-up to the exhibition, she discusses a series of questions with various interlocutors in order to derive nothing less than a universal world formula from the answers. Together with Sophia Süßmilch, the interviewees try to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Sanatorium Süßmilch – Sophia Süßmilch
10.10.2023 – 09.11.2023
Francisco Carolinum Linz
Museumsstraße 14
4020 Linz