Sol LeWitt’s Wall. Performed / Kunsthaus Graz, Styria

(c) Bildrecht, Wien 2023, Foto: Margherita Spiluttini


20 years ago, “Wall” was the first solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus. In the course of the Kunsthaus anniversary, LeWitt’s monumental work is now being reactivated and recontextualised in dialogue with current artistic positions.
The joint and challenging reflection takes place over a longer period of time in three chapters. In “Protokolle für die Utopie”, Franz Jochum, Jasmina Cibic and an evening co-curated by Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin deal collaboratively with concepts and protocols over four evenings. “Arbeit Arbeit Arbeit” explores themes of labour, co-production and delegation through the visible part of the artistic concept – the building of the wall. Finally, Collecting Variations reflects on LeWitt’s concept of the modular, its development in variations and collections, and with artists such as Franz Vana, Renate Krammer or Superflex, on topics such as universal accessibility or the right to authorship.

Sol LeWitt’s Wall. Performed
Kunsthaus Graz