Ecstatic Media. Media art revisited / Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

VALIE EXPORT, Syntagma, 1983, Film, 16mm (Farbe, Ton), 18 Min., Sammlung Generali Foundation – Dauerleihgabe am Museum der Moderne Salzburg, © Foto: Werner Kaligofsky, Bildrecht, Wien, 2023

26.10.2023 — 25.02.2024

New media and technologies are a blessing – but also harbour risks. The moving image worlds can trigger intense experiences. They put us in extraordinary emotional and psychological states “Ecstatic mediality” describes two aspects here: on the one hand, the high effectiveness of media consumer products such as video games or beauty filters, which fuel emotional and social longings; on the other hand, the strategy of media art to confront us with media structures in an exaggerated form. With impressive examples – from avant-garde film and video art to computer animation and data engineering – the exhibition tells an alternative history of media art.

Ecstatic Media. Media art revisited
26.10.2023 — 25.02.2024
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Mönchsberg 32
5020 Salzburg