Fallende Helden. / Dock 20, Lustenau

DOCK 20, © Miro Kuzmanovic

16.09.2023 – 14.01.2023

Who do we commemorate when we remember the victims of National Socialism and the Shoah? What forms of expression does the Austrian culture of remembrance know? And who is part of the commemorative collective at all?
The exhibition, created within the project “Solidary Culture of Remembrance” in collaboration with the project #OhneAngstVerschiedenSein of the Jewish Museum Hohenems, brings together seven artistic positions that deal with blind spots, politically contested places and stubborn gaps in the memory of the majority society with regard to the history of National Socialism in Vorarlberg, Austria and beyond.
Rosa Andraschek, Karin Berger, Talya Feldman, the artist group Schandwache, Stephan Sachs, Sarah Schlatter and Stefania Smolkina critically approach those monuments that convey one-sided and partly revisionist images of history, point to voids of memory or create their own monuments of mourning dedicated to lamentation with their works.

Fallende Helden.
16.09.2023 – 14.01.2023
Dock 20
Kunstraum & Sammlung Hollenstein
Pontenstraße 20
6890 Lustenau