Fast Decay and Future Archeologies – Anna Lerchbaumer & Thomas Behling / periscope:project:space, Salzburg

(c) periscope

20.10.2023 – 17.11.2023

Climate change is a hot topic. Not only in politics but also in art. Anna Lerchbaumer and Thomas Behling deal with the future earth layer of the Anthropocene, the traces that this earth age will leave behind. The video works, pictorial objects, photos and posters in this exhibition revolve around this complex of themes for almost a month, like the best-before date on the bottom. After that, unfortunately, the climate catastrophe is no longer edible and the exhibition is also over.

Fast Decay and Future Archeologies
20.10.2023 – 17.11.2023
Sterneckstraße 10
5020 Salzburg