A foray into the open – Beni Altmüller / Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz

(c) Beni Altmüller (Detail aus „Verschmelzung“)

10.11.2023 – 29.11.2023

Landscapes ploughed in stripes by tractors, snowmobiles and snow groomers driving through the terrain and drawing patterns. Polar bears and brown bears unite to form hybrids in striped leftover ice – the world on the move; the Linz-born artist’s pictures are characterized by a mixture of abstract and representational painting. Bands of colour serve Altmüller as abstract elements, which are executed as expressive-impulsive brushstrokes as well as perspective-painted patterns and wallpaper-like pictorial grounds.

A foray into the open – Beni Altmüller
10.11.2023 – 29.11.2023
Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein
Ursulinenhof im Kulturquartier
Landstraße 31
4020 Linz