Wie eine offene Tür… / rotor – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Graz, Styria

(c) Anja Korherr, Detail aus „Panomara", 2023

11.11.2023 – 22.12.2023 & 08.01.2024 – 17.02.2024

“Like an open door that leads us where we would never have agreed to go” is the full title of the exhibition, which goes back to the theatre reformer and writer Antonin Artaud.
In the exhibition with contributions by artists from Bologna respectively Italy and Graz respectively Austria, connecting lines between the works unfold, tipping points and ruptures become tangible. The artworks harbour the potential to give shape to the step into the unknown in the search for new experiences and insights that the present – every present – needs.
The exhibition, curated by Elisa Del Prete, Silvia Litardi, Iris Kasper, Anton Lederer and Margarethe Makovec, features works by Alessandro Brighetti, Alfredo Barsuglia, Anja Korherr, Canemorto, David Casini, Flavio Favelli, Hanns Holger Rutz, Ivana Spinelli, Johanna Charlotte Trede, Lorena Bucur, Markus Wilfling, Marlene Hausegger, Mattia Pajè, Total Refusal, Valentina Furian, Veronika Hauer and zweintopf.

Wie eine offene Tür…
11.11.2023 – 22.12.2023 & 08.01.2024 – 17.02.2024
<rotor> – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Volksgartenstraße 6a
8020 Graz, Styria