Sebastian Supanz – Wool Paintings / kunsthaus muerz, Mürzzuschlag, Styria

(c) Sebastian Supanz "Wish"

02.12.2023 – 18.02.2024

Wool is the basis of Sebastian Supanz’s paintings, which he has been creating since 2019. In the “Wool Paintings” exhibition, these will be presented for the first time in Styria. The colourful felt pictures are painting associations in which various issues are addressed. Themes such as childhood or gender roles attributed to the motif and the material are addressed. The recurring motif of the horseman in his paintings suggests the artist’s constant search.
In his latest series, Sebastian Supanz appropriates his own previous works with the help of artificial intelligence in order to translate selected digital designs into felt in a slow process. The dialogue with AI raises questions of originality and authenticity, challenging an increasingly hectic world and ultimately the cult of the artist as genius.

Sebastian Supanz – Wool paintings
02.12.2023 – 18.02.2024
kunsthaus muerz
Wiener Straße 35
8680 Mürzzuschlag