Vienna. My history / Wien Museum

_ , Gefäß in Tierform, um 1200 - 1100 v. Chr., Foto: TimTom, Wien Museum Zu sehen im Kapitel: Ein Ort mit Perspektive. Naturraum und frühe Siedlungen

from 07.12.2023

The Wien Museum’s new permanent exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in history. It tells the story of Vienna from early times to the present day: on 3,300 m2, over three floors and with 1,700 objects, the new permanent exhibition “Vienna. My History” takes visitors on a journey through the centuries. The focus is on people and their lives in the area of conflict between politics and religion, social structures and the environment surrounding them. Topics such as work, housing, transport, immigration and ecology determine everyday life then and now. The history of the city can be experienced as a chronological tour, with the large hall at its centre.

Vienna. My history
from 07.12.2023
Wien Museum
Karlsplatz 8
1040 Wien