Schau mal / Theater im Kürbis, Wies, Styria

SchauSammlung, Schau mal, (c) Anja Senekowitsch

from 03.12.2023

The Kürbis Wies cultural initiative has developed a very special tradition: all artists who have taken part in an exhibition or an artist-in-residence stay in Wies leave a work here. These works of art form the unique “Schau mal” exhibition collection.
It is an impressive compilation of works by renowned artists from Austria and Slovenia, such as Elisabeth Gschiel, Norbert Trummer, Josef Wurm, Pia Pivec, Uwe Gallaun, Katharina Sieghartsleitner, Simon Reitmann, Georg Dinstl and many others – a fascinating pot-pourri of different materials and forms of expression.
The exhibition, which will also be continuously expanded, can be viewed at events organised by the Kürbis Wies cultural initiative or by appointment on +43 (0) 664 161 555 4 or

Schau mal
from 03.12.2023
Theater im Kürbis
Unterer Markt 24
8551 Wies