Elisa Schmid – Fix Is A Lure / Bildraum 07, Vienna

Foto: Elisa Schmid, fix is a lure | © Bildrecht, Wien 2023

12.12.2023 – 24.01.2024

Due to the expansion of the underground railway network, thousands of wagonloads of Viennese clay are currently being transported upwards, shafts are being excavated and underground connecting routes and hidden spaces are coming to light. The artist’s approach is inspired in particular by the uncovering of historical layers of material and the changeable nature of clay.
As a material portrait, sculptural snapshots of drying, softening or solidification processes are created from unprepared types of clay during the exhibition. The objects are based on common test scenarios – for example for stability, plasticity and decay rates – but Elisa Schmid’s focus is on a freely associative play with the material and its unpredictability. It is about opening up the rigid structures of form, suspending control, bending, stretching and liquefying the like.

Elisa Schmid – Fix Is A Lure
12.12.2023 – 24.01.2024
Bildraum 07
Burggasse 7-9
Vienna 7