Resilience. An appeal. / kunstGarten, Graz

Oto Rimele, LIGHT AND THE LADDER (c) kunstGarten

01.01.2024 – 10.03.2024

If you look at humans, animals and plants over the course of evolution, you will inevitably come across resilience, indestructibility, resilience, resistance, toughness, resilience, elasticity, resilience, etc.
But we also know the proverb from the 13th century: The jug goes to the well until it breaks. In this collection of proverbs, the broken jug in the Christian sense stands for a parable of human life. Nowadays, it means that negative behaviour or conditions will sooner or later lead to failure if they are not turned into something positive or prevented beforehand. Resilience, in other words!
The exhibition, curated by Irmi Horn, features works by Sabina Hörtner (A), Dasha Shishkin (RU/US) and Oto Rimele (SLO).

Resilience. An appeal.
01.01.2024 – 10.03.2024
Payer-Weyprecht Straße 27
8020 Graz