Fischer von Erlach – Design of a historical architecture / Wien Museum

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Das Hadriansmausoleum in Rom, vor 1712, Federzeichnung,National- und Universitätsbibliothek Zagreb © National- und Universitätsbibliothek Zagreb

01.02.2024 – 28.04.2024

One of Vienna’s landmarks is the Karlskirche. It is considered the most important Baroque building in Austria. Its architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach (1656-1723) is at the centre of the first special exhibition at the newly opened Wien Museum.
His compositions are often based on simple stereometric bodies (cubes, cylinders, spheres), which are moulded into exciting sculptural forms. Fischer, who worked as a sculptor at the beginning of his career, understands the artistically formed space as the result of a sculptural process, as it were, as an interpenetration of positive and negative forms. The architectural bodies thus interact with the space in a special way and become both sculpturally and pictorially effective.
Almost 70 years after the last major comprehensive exhibition, the time has come to take a fresh look at Fischer’s highly unusual buildings and designs from today’s perspective and to place them in a contemporary artistic context with the design by Werner Feiersinger.

Fischer von Erlach – Design of a historical architecture
01.02.2024 – 28.04.2024
Wien Museum
Karlsplatz 8
1040 Wien