Kerstin Flake & Benoît Grimbert / FOTOHOF, Salzburg

(c) Benoît Grimbert: Palm Springs, from the series »Horse Latitudes« (2023) Archival Pigment Print, 41,6 x 52 cm

02.02.2024 – 30.03.2024

Two international positions are brought together in the Kerstin Flake / Benoît Grimbert exhibition at FOTOHOF, even though their intellectual affinity only seems to reveal itself at second glance.
Kerstin Flake stages bizarre plays as director and stage designer in one person. While the laws of physics only seem to apply to a limited extent in her picture series, Benoît Grimbert’s precise photographs resemble an almost archaeological investigation of urban spaces. In his works, he forges links between the places depicted and the biographies of iconic personalities such as Ian Curtis, Nico, Jim Morrison and Charles Manson, thus confusing temporal stratifications. The result is a conglomerate of pop culture myths and the history of photography, which seems to evoke inner images and simultaneously deconstruct them.

Kerstin Flake / Benoît Grimbert
02.02.2024 – 30.03.2024
Inge-Morath-Platz 1
5020 Salzburg