Explorations of the Web3 / Digital Francisco Carolinum, Linz

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04.02.2024 – 10.03.2024

“Explorations of the Web3” explores the potential of Web3 for digital art and the valuation of ephemeral digital works. It presents a diverse range of works, including virtual room installations, music pieces, videos, generative works and cryptographically secured artworks that explore the boundaries of traditional art forms.
The exhibition presents artistic works by students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. These were created as part of the course “Art on the Blockchain” by Julian Palacz and Julia Staudach, as well as the project “CAN YOU FEEL THE VALUE?” by the Digital Art class, curated by Anika Meier.

Explorations of the Web3
04.02.2024 – 10.03.2024
DFC Digital Francisco Carolinum
17 Clarion Alley, San Francisco (743W,648N), Cryptovoxels