Lobau-bleibt!-Proteste, Wien, Österreich, 2021–2022 Foto: © Merle, 9. Dezember 2021

14.02.2024 — 25.08.2024

Protests have been attracting increasing attention – and popularity – in recent years in particular. In co-operation with the German Architecture Museum (DAM) in Frankfurt am Main, the MAK is dedicating a special exhibition to this topic.
The focus is on political movements that have expressed themselves in public space and produced specific architectural or design objects. From the protesters’ use of their bodies to protest camps – the research for the exhibition brought to light an ambivalent, often utopian and sometimes risky spectrum of protest architecture: from the barricade battles during the July Revolution in Paris in 1830 right up to the present day.
The 13 case studies in particular demonstrate that experimental buildings for unusual temporary communities can be created from limited resources in different socio-political contexts.
The protest events addressed in the exhibition can be read about in the accompanying publication, which is much more than a catalogue: In the form of an encyclopaedia, it opens up a wide-ranging field of references, from 1830 to 2023, from A for Abschütten to Z for Zwentendorf.

14.02.2024 — 25.08.2024
Vienna, MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst