Patterns Of Disillusion / Galerie 5020, Salzburg

Karanlık Kanyon, 2021, Foto : (c) Hasan Ulukisa

16.02.2024 – 26.04.2024

Recurring patterns that have a profound impact on our lives; as invisible threads, they permeate the social fabric, hold it together, but can also break it. These patterns are not only present on a social level, but also have a significant influence on our individual existence. However, we are not always aware of them, as they are interwoven with the reality of our lives and thus become blind spots. The pleasant aspects of patterns also tempt us to direct our scrutinising and critical gaze, which could reveal them, to other things.
In the group exhibition Patterns of Disillusion, with works by Georg Eckmayr, Veronika Hösch, Olena Newkryta, Hasan Ulukisa and Christina Werner, the artists dedicate themselves to these very patterns, presenting them in a variety of forms and approaches and scrutinising them in terms of their history and their impact on our present.

Patterns Of Disillusion
16.02.2024 – 26.04.2024
Galerie 5020
Residenzplatz 10
5020 Salzburg