Zofia Kulik – Rhythms of Power / Francisco Carolinum Linz

Zofia Kulik, The Splendour of Myself IV, 2005, Silver gelatin print, 200 x 180 cm, Art Collection Telekom © the artist, courtesy: Persons Projects

22.03.2024 – 28.07.2024

Rhythms of Power is the first survey exhibition of Polish artist Zofia Kulik in Austria. In addition to large-format panel paintings and the self-portrait Splendour of Myself, the exhibition – curated by Nathalie Hoyos and Rainald Schumacher – also shows parts of her diploma thesis, which were created towards the end of her time at the academy between 1968 and 1971.
The artist archived thousands of photographs of individual phenomena of the visible world as negatives over decades. Models in various poses, skulls, bones, vegetables, flowers, dogs, fabrics, buildings, postcards, masks, explosions and cities are just some of the 250 or so criteria for classification.
Using the analogue exposure process, complex scenarios of multi-layered visual worlds are created from this archive in the darkroom, orchestrated from hundreds of individual images. Sketches and templates illustrate this working process.
Zofia Kulik organizes the visual material like a choreographer of mass events. She controls the rhythm. Individual images are arranged in rows, circles and other geometric formations, often laid out according to the rules of symmetry, describing an entire world order like a mandala or combining serially to form an ornament.

Zofia Kulik – Rhythms of Power
22.03.2024 – 28.07.2024
Francisco Carolinum Linz
Museumsstraße 14
4020 Linz